All of the ROBLOX Halo movies Cast has been loyal to the owner, and have been

Here's the list of the CAST:

thecrimsonsouls - He was found in the Halo Roleplay with KnightAssassin, He is still an active member

Cross5002 - Youtuber, Actor, Manager. He was one of the first actors and directing a movie right now!

Brightzy - Youtuber and a huge psychopath. He was an actor until he died from mysterious circumstances.

KnightXAssassin47 - He was first seen in Halo Roleplay, where he challeged Austin to a Halo Lore. He has an inactive status right now.

AngelicaJonesALT - The VERY First actress. She was Austin's friend from the start of the Channel

georgehwbush41 - Also one of the VERY First actors of the channel. He remains Inactive.

DatTankMC - Played as Emile in Emile's Story. Kind of Inactive for Acting Career.