Cross5002 or Cross Gaming[formly called Cross500] is one of the SECOND Actors to be hired Cross was first found by Austin in Halo Roleplay by s1xyears0ld. He was first seen when Knight and Austin clashed about who's smarter. Austin gave up and joined Cross as his friend. Cross has a youtube channel named Cross gaming. He is then directing the new movie Beta Team.


  • Cross Wasn't the only one who acted in all of the ROBLOX Halo Movies. Some are Angelica and George.
  • Cross is partnered up a lot of time with Desire.
  • Angelica theorizes that Cross is born in REACH.
  • Not much in known about Cross himself!
  • Cross loves Dragon Ball Z or Goku.
  • Cross is only active in 12:00 am to 8:00 am in Austin's time.
  • Cross in his biography is a Marine in THE LAST SPARTAN